How to play at Lottoland

The service works similar to online lotteries. When choosing your numbers, you will choose how many weeks you want to play. Additional options are ‘sub’ (signature) and ‘hunt’ (JackpotHunter).

Both allow you to play regularly without having to provide information every time. The unique function of JackpotHunter (hunting) is that your numbers are automatically entered into all future drawings until the jackpot is won.

However, if you want to try your luck just once, do not click on the signature, but mark the one-week break. The purchase values cost from 4 reais, depends on the game.

To increase your chances, you can choose Combo at the top of each line. As is usually the case, you pay with a card or through, Bitcoin, Visa and MasterCard, in addition to bank transfer. Lottoland announced that Paypal will be available soon.

When you play in Lottoland, you bet on the result of official lotteries. Even if you do not buy a real ticket for the lottery, you play exactly the same numbers, for the same prizes and with the same rules. In addition, Lottoland offers some extras such as the opportunity to play for double the cash prize and get last minute tickets.

Double Jackpot: Lottoland will double your winnings if you win.

Combo Tickets: Play more numbers on a single ticket (for example, 6 instead of 5), and your ticket will become a combined ticket with which you will automatically play all possible combinations of 5 numbers. For example, by choosing 6 numbers instead of 5, your combo ticket will in fact be 6 individual tickets, consisting of all possible combinations of 5 numbers.

How to Play in Keno 24/7 Online

In 2017, Lottoland has added a new offering to its range of online lottery services – Keno 24/7. Following a classic pub style style format, players can now wager on Keno game results every four minutes with flexible betting options that allow bets of only $ 1.00 per game.

You can choose to play as many games as you like by drawing lots, choosing up to 10 numbers per game, with the amount of money you earn increasing with the most selected numbers. Winnings are multiplied by the value of your bet, so that the higher your stake, the greater your winning potential.

Payment methods – Deposits and withdrawals

There are few payment methods available in Lottoland, but they cover the culture of Americaians well. An example is the boleto bancário, much used in online transactions. There is also how to make payment with bank transfer and Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Taxes are not payable on winnings made at Lottoland bets, which is great for lottery players. If you place a bet on the Mega-Sena results, for example, you would not be responsible for taxes in the same way as if you were buying a ticket locally in America.

If you win a cumulative US lottery prize, however, there may be some fee on account of the country’s laws. Note that you may also be subject to income tax in the country in which you are a resident. Payments on jackpots probably take a while to resolve the insurance / hedging process, but this is quite normal.

Fortunately, Lottoland is reliable because it is duly registered, as well as the following reasons:

  • regulated by the Gibraltarian Gambling Supervision
  • means of safe payment
  • uses official lottery results
  • customer service in English
  • site in HTTPS

One of the very important things to keep in mind is that you are sharing a lot of personal information with lotto online platforms. Such data usually includes your name, date of birth, country of origin, and credit card number.

Before sharing information, make sure the platform has the primary security features.

It is regulated by the Gibraltarian Gambling Supervision and also by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This means that all customer data is handled with the utmost care. In addition, the site has a security certificate that keeps personal and financial data protected from third-party hacking attacks.

The main office is based in Gibraltar, meaning she has overseas headquarters. That is why it does not violate the laws of America, since it obeys the legislation of Gibraltar. Americaians can use the Internet betting service as a rule!

Lottoland adopts policies with world leading insurers, including Lloyds of London to cover larger payments, typically those in excess of € 5 million. A part of the price you pay when you buy a line goes to these policies. This is important to avoid problems in receiving the prizes.

Lottoland is one of the best online lottery betting services available to America. While I believe that being able to actually participate in lottery games (lottery tickets) is better than simply betting on the result (indirect bet), I was impressed with what Lottoland had to offer.

With regard to lottery sites, they have one of the most impressive games selections. No need to leave the house to play! Even better, they take the security of the player seriously.

While Lottoland could definitely use more payment methods and support options, the large amount of different games offered outweigh its shortcomings. That, and that payments are guaranteed. If you are looking for more than just single game lottery games and you do not mind betting on results instead of tickets then choose Lottoland!

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