Casinos online and cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, playing an online casino is as easy as enjoying a photo on Facebook. Issues that run issues such as personal and financial data security are the difference between several online gambling sites that operate casinos.


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However, other issues are also important to think about an online casino ranking and the main one is whether there is a live casino with real dealers. This feature is definitely an essential criterion for thinking and evaluating online casinos.

At the Our Casino Guide, we review, study, review and update the information of all sports betting websites and the best online casino sites, giving them a later review based on this study, to bring you only the best.

As evaluated criteria of casinos is if they are legal to operate in America, if they work in English and then we evaluate your bonus, promotions, rates, customer service, mobile version or application, secure payment methods or used software. Keep reading this article and get to know the top 10 casinos in our ratings.

Online casino games and their odds

The variety of games available in existing casinos licensed to operate in America varies between game operators. Here is a list of the most popular games and our chances of winning with them:

  • Roulette: Bet on the red or black house. You always have a 47% chance to win … or lose.
  • Blackjack: About 40% of winning, depending on the casino and the dealer.
  • Baccarat: Similar to Blackjack.

Given: The number 7 is usually always synonymous with luck in the game, in part because it is the only one that has 6 possible combinations when we release the two dice.

Nickel: The possibilities depend on the type of slot machine in the casino and the multiple lines that exist. The more active paylines, the greater the chances.

As we can see, there are a wide variety of games available, which is guaranteed entertainment and price options and chances of winning.

Tips for Winning at Online Casinos in America

In casino games, there are no strategies that we can guarantee success, it is simply a matter of luck. But if we see some recommendations, suggestions and tips that can give us more chances to win:

Play for fun

It is the main motivation. Casino never wins in the long run, unless we make big investments and hopefully compensate with higher premium, which realistically, is often very difficult.

We have to see the gambling in the casino as a leisure spending more than, if we are lucky, we can offset the costs and even earn some additional amount.

Keep a budget

How much money or bitcoins can I spend at my leisure casino games? This question needs to be answered, as this constitutes a responsible gaming exercise, adjusting to a specific budget. Be strict with yourself to avoid exceeding this budget.

Select the best bonuses

Here is a key which is one of the reasons to read our Online Bets Site. Almost all casinos and online gambling operators offer bonuses and promotions, each with its own conditions, advantages and disadvantages.

We study and select the ones that best fit our profile, analyzing the benefits. An interesting option is also to check if they offer trial games or can play free online casino that way.

If you follow these three small tips you can ensure that your online casino gaming experience is very satisfying and safe. Responsible gambling is one of the issues that makes your game more and more enjoyable and not an issue that will disrupt your life.



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As we have seen, the online casino world in America is a profitable industry and continuous growth, with logic telling us that betting sites and operators of online games continue to offer more and better games, with greater possibilities of prizes for players online and sponsorships for the other agents involved in the industry.

If we are also sure that the game in our selection of the best online gambling casinos is a government regulated activity, this can still improve. Because we want to be completely safe when conducting financial transactions online, and we will get more players online in the coming months as a trend.

In addition, the online gaming industry has the advantage that the economy always plays in its favor: in times of crisis tends to increase the number of players seeking to remedy a difficult situation, while in times of recovery and prosperity have more resources to dedicate to online gambling. Do not wait another second to bet online!