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History of casinos in the world and in America

The casino is basically a venue that can accommodate a selection of betting games, open to the public or to a private group of partners. They are usually located together or within other leisure, entertainment or hospitality spaces such as hotels, cruises, shopping centers and other attractions. In America, the physical casino is not legal, but online runs at full speed. And it’s this casino we’re talking about today. Take for example the Royal Panda, which offers an exclusive bonus to new Americaian players.

The etymological origin of the word casino is found in the Italian casino or country house, perhaps related to the custom of the old European nobility to withdraw to these buildings in the field of leisure and entertainment, during which they would play different types of games, many of which have evolved into the present.

Gambling as a form of leisure is as old as man himself, and placing bets around the predictions of the outcome of this game is a consequential continuation as shown by all phases of history from Sumer and Classical Greece to the French Revolution through China , of the emperors or the Europe of Napoleon.

The first casino recognized as such, though not by that name, can be found in Ridotto, created by the Great Italian State Council in 1638 to control the gambling and betting that were made during the Carnival. The story of Ridotto was completed in 1770 when it was closed by authorities who thought it was impoverishing the local nobility.

But the love of casino games continue in other European countries, especially in the French courts, which would lead to the Casino, in great refinement and sophistication during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Like poker, casino games have experienced a phase of growth and expansion in the United States during the Conquest saloon in the late 19th century. In America, the history of the casino began in the years of America empire, at a time when America still belonged to Portugal.

The casino in America had a remarkable characteristic, as besides the gambling there were also presentations of shows and shows. Those who frequented the Casino in America were local politicians and the American elite, of course. 


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Popularization of online casinos

The transformation of physical casinos into online casinos came with the growth of game software in the 1970s. This software replaced mechanical processes that regulated many of the performances of the different types of games available, such as slot. Soon, the first software to be developed was Blackjack.

But it was with the advent of the Internet and its more or less massive accessibility in the 1990s that it allowed the whole process to be sophisticated. In this way, different computers could connect to each other through network servers. With new gaming laws and regulations that allowed some states in the US to license new operators. Consequently, came the first software developers and private initiatives of online casino games.

This was the case of Microgaming in 1994, pioneered the development of this online software. Later, other companies like Cryptologic created the security necessary to make money transactions during online gambling. Not surprisingly, in 1996 the first online casino was created: Intercasino.

Nowadays, this is a market that continues to expand and grow, are (including virtual poker rooms and online sports betting sites) more than 2300 online casinos.

Legalization of casinos in America

It has already been said here on the Online Gambling Site and many know that physical casino games in America are prohibited. In the meantime, the Senate Chamber is negotiating the regulation of games for legalization of the practice. Its objective is to encourage economic growth in the sector. America is one of the few countries that does not yet have specific legislation for casino games, bingos and sports betting.

However, the country also has no regulations prohibiting practices online, as long as the companies are foreign, as a seat outside the country. That’s why exploring online games in America is legal. But where does all this money go? Ever wondered about that? The money that is invested in online games and practices goes to companies that have their license abroad. In this way, all those billions that pass annually through betting leave the country without any product tax, destabilizing the economy.

If gaming practices are legalized, there will be much more investment in the industry and consequently greater security in gaming. With no specific legislation, any overseas company can exploit the practice of the game and this way the customer and player gets much more vulnerable practices. This is why there are comparator sites like the Online Bets Site to ensure that you have more information about what the best online betting sites are really about in America.

Without any specific law, we find, for example, websites that offer no translation in English or do not accept the local currency as the currency of exchange for operations on your sites. We must press that this process processes with greater agility in the house so that the bets become more and more safe and with a higher quality for the bettors.

Canastra online America

Canastra is a card game that was created in 1940 in South America and that spread throughout the world, in America it is popularly known as Hole. It is surprising what this card game could achieve in such a short time, considering that it had been obtained after ten years as the Bridge’s most popular card game. The leap into the digital age has Canastra just behind and has not yet appeared in so many chants.

The game was also introduced to the UK and the rest of Europe. In the 1950s, Canastra became one of the most played card games in the world, which meant that fans of the game designed their own variations and special rules. It is not always easy to find a casino to play canasta online in America. It is one of the few card games that

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